Maturity Guidelines

We have some fairly simple guidelines for the type of content that is, or isn't, acceptable in a tutorial or course.

We don't accept or publish any content that contains inappropriate language, or explicit sexual, violent or drug-related content. All of these should be removed or avoided.

Image Content Guidelines

Here are some more specific guidelines for tutorial or course image content:

  • Images and final effects should be tasteful, and avoid any material that may be potentially offensive (drug use, explicit violence, or nudity).
  • Anything suggestive (or containing partial nudity) might be OK, if it's an integral part of the artwork, is tasteful, and is specifically illustrating a technique that requires this type of subject. You should seek approval from your editor if you're unsure.
  • Using suggestive or sexual imagery in an unrelated context (e.g. for a basic lighting tutorial) is not acceptable.