Self Promotion

We love to know what you're working on outside of your contribution to Tuts+, but we do have a few guidelines surrounding what you can and can't do with regard to promoting yourself, and your other projects.

Can I tell readers about my experience?

Short Answer: Yes. We encourage you to share information about yourself and your credentials (website, business name, past work, etc.) if it helps to establish your knowledge and experience within the subject you're teaching.

Can I mention my own website or company name?

Short Answer: Yes. If you're creating a course, be sure to introduce yourself as a Tuts+ instructor before discussing your own projects/websites/company. For example, "I'm Tom Jones with Tuts+. I've been working as an Adobe Certified Professional for seven years, and you may have seen some of my past work at

Can I share my contact details?

Short Answer: Yes. You're welcome to share contact information (such as your Twitter handle) if the intent behind it is allowing readers to contact you with questions about your tutorial or course.

Can I promote my own product/eBook/course elsewhere?

Short Answer: Generally, no. We don't allow you to promote your own products or business with the intent of driving sales, or for product marketing. We would be happy to talk about sponsorship opportunities, or ways we can partner with you on your own product.

If you're ever unsure, just ask your editor, who will be happy to clarify specific examples/questions.