A Quick Legal Introduction

We've tried to keep any legal considerations as simple as possible for you as an instructor. Here's what you'll need to consider:

Ownership of Content

When we commission a tutorial, course, or piece of content from you, we want to make sure that we have a formal agreement in place so that we officially license the content in an appropriate way.

We have two contracts that we ask instructors to digitally sign when working with us, both of which are fully explained in our contract process. Following this process ensures that we are clear on which rights we take when commissioning content, and which you retain.

Resources Used in Your Tutorials and Courses

There is also the need to consider “third party content” — any material in your tutorial or course that comes from a source other than Tuts+, or yourself. This could be a stock photograph, creative commons video, GPL code, or all manner of other content.

Some of this is absolutely fine to use, but there are certain instances where we need to seek permission before using third party content (or, in the case of stock photography, where we'll purchase it for you). It’s all explained fully here.

Asking for Advice

If anything is unclear after you've read the next two sections, or you have questions about a particular scenario that doesn't fit neatly into what's described in this guide, simply just ask your editor!