Course Notes

Each course needs a set of course notes that details everything about the course. The course notes are to be completed by the instructor and handed over to the editor with the full set of course videos. This document details all the relevant information about the course, includes descriptions of the course and any source files, and explains how the lessons are organized.

The course outline section of the course notes document should include:

  • The course details including instructor, difficulty (beginner/intermediate/advanced), source files location, topic, categories, and software.
  • The course outline including course name, description, and a description of the source files.
  • Information about each lesson; title, a two to three sentence description for each lesson that appears directly below the video, and any links or credits that need to appear below the video.
  • The formatting of the course notes is done using Markdown.

    Formatting Tips

    Code: If you're writing out any code in your lesson descriptions, you should surround it with backticks.

    • In this lesson we'll look at how the `before`, `after`, `beforeEach`, and `afterEach` hooks allow you to repeat the same setup or cleanup actions before and after running a group of tests.

    Related Links: If you want to add related links in your lesson descriptions you simply need to use the standard Markdown formatting.

    • - [Example Link](