Updating Your Instructor Profile

It's worth taking a few minutes to update your instructor profile before doing anything else. Once logged into the CMS, click your name, then My Profile in the top-right corner to start making a few changes.

  • Check that your name is correct (we recommend using your full first and last names).
  • Update your profile image (it defaults to your Gravatar if you don't do this)
  • Add a short and snappy bio, as this will appear alongside published tutorials.
  • Add a short job title, followed by a (one-word) location, if you'd like to share these details.
  • Add links to your personal website/portfolio and other social accounts.
  • Click Update Profile to save your new profile!

Feature Images

As an instructor, you are the friendly face of Tuts+! We want to be able to promote our fantastic instructors in our newsletters and feature them on our homepage, but we need your help.

Featuring instructors in these ways requires larger, more professional images than are needed for your normal profile image. If you'd like to send us a feature image of yourself for us to use then please contact your editor, but be sure to read this list of do's and don'ts first:

  • Don’t use excessive filters or effects (e.g. Instagram-ish colouring, black and white, grainy/film-look filters, etc)
  • Don’t crop your image tightly. We’d like it to be suited to a 354 x 222 ratio, but we can crop it, and you never know what the extra pixels might be useful for!
  • Do send us the largest version of the image you have available.
  • Don’t use blurry, poorly exposed (too dark, too light, harsh shadows, extreme contrast) or awkwardly-composed shots. Aim for an evenly-lit, well-composed shot.
  • Do show us an image of you in your natural work environment, as long as it looks neat and professional. If that’s tricky, try taking a photo against a plain or out-of-focus background, but make sure it doesn’t look awkward or mugshot-ish.
  • Don’t use a snapshot, unless it’s a really professional-looking one. We're looking for CV-worthy images, not event snaps.

Example Feature Images

Here are a few example feature images from our team with comments on how they could be improved:

    • Do smile, look approachable & professional.
    • Don't add editing/filtering to the image (vignette, purple cross-processed look).
    • If possible, try to avoid the 'mugshot' type image (against a wall). A couple of steps away from the wall will make a huge difference.
    • Do have an out-of-focus background.
    • Don't use 35mm film shots with obvious grain.
    • If possible, try to take an image that shows you in a professional environment, not a casual one.
    • Do show us a shot in your work environment.
    • Don't add the vignette & colour cast
    • If possible, keep in mind the size the image will be shown on the site—if his hands were in a different position, it wouldn't be possible to crop this as tightly and he would be quite small in the frame.

    • Do include your professional/work environment.
    • Don't add too much clutter (computer reflections, second screens, stuff under desks).
    • If possible, make sure that the composition is going to crop well down to a 3 x 2 ratio, keeping in mind how big it'll appear on the site.
    • Do use natural lighting and a friendly/approachable pose.
    • Don't use a garden background unless it relates to your work somehow.
    • If possible, shoot in a studio/workspace environment, or against an out-of-focus background.
    • Do use depth of field to isolate yourself in the frame.
    • Don't use an image that was shot as a full-body portrait, as it'll be difficult to crop to a landscape image.
    • If possible, try to take an in-action photo (smiling, talking, gesturing) that communicates enthusiasm and momentum.