It's important for the look and feel of any visual aids related to your course to be consistent with both our brand and our other courses. For this reason, we ask that you use our templates if you decide to include any slides in your course. We will not accept courses that do not meet these guidelines.

Download Slide Templates

Where and When to Use Them

Full-screen slides should be used sparingly. The intention is to break up content in a way that makes it easier to follow. They're especially useful for courses where the instructor is on-camera and needs a way to divide a lecture into clear sections.

If possible, slides should not serve as the primary source of visuals for a course. They're to be used as a supplementary resource, not the backbone of your message. In general, we prefer screencasts, on-camera appearances, hands-on walkthroughs of the content, and B-roll footage to slides.

Slide Template

You can use slides to:

  • Illustrate a concept with a chart.
  • Break up long content into sections with full-screen titles.
  • Present the viewer with an outline of the course.

Working With the Files

To use the slide templates, you'll need a copy of Keynote or PowerPoint (we've included versions for both applications).

In order to use these templates, you must have a working knowledge of how to integrate them into your course using your selected video application. Most video editors have a simple method for including overlays as either a JPG or PNG. Consult your application's user guide for more information.

When working with our templates, you should not:

  • Use your own fonts (stick to Helvetica or Arial).
  • Alter the alignment of the text.
  • Customize the core template with your own colors or logos.
  • Alter the design in any way that would cause it to not closely resemble other courses using the same template.
  • Leave any black bars around the edges of your slides (they should completely flood the screen).

Take special care to ensure that you use the correct template. Make sure your course video is either 1280x720 or 1280x800 and that the template you choose matches the dimensions of your final result.

Good Slide Layout

When creating slides, use a strong grid-based alignment and keep things simple. The template is very basic and we want to keep it that way.

Poor Slide Layout

Do not significantly alter the basic design of the slide templates. Items should not be arranged organically or haphazardly.