Project Pause

Occasionally we pause the project, preventing translators from claiming more translations. This usually happens within the first few days of each month, helping us keep our budget under control.

What This Means for Translators

When the project is paused you’ll be unable to claim billable translations. You’ll see a notice explaining this, and the claim button will be disabled.

There are some exceptions however:

  • If you are a new translator the pause will not apply to your first three translations.
  • Everyone can still claim and submit non-billable translations whilst the project is paused. Bear in mind that you won’t be paid for completing non-billable translations. For a list of non-billable translations see this document.

During a project pause you will still be able to complete and submit any translations that you claimed beforehand.

“Unpausing” the Project

At the beginning of each month (00:01 on the 1st, Pacific Time) we “unpause” the project, allowing translators to claim translations once more.

The usual limits apply, and we will pause the project again once our budget has been reached.

Pausing Different Languages

Whilst all languages are equally important to us in the long term, currently some languages deliver more traffic and generate more income, which is vital during these early stages of the project. For this reason you might find that your language is paused slightly earlier or later than others.