Quality Assurance

Translation quality is of the utmost importance to us; poor translations reflect badly on the project and do a disservice to those Envato Tuts+ to further their learning. Through a combination of community feedback and spot-check reviews we ensure that translations in all languages meet our standards.

What Standards Should be Met?

Our single most important motivation is in helping people learn–that’s what should be at the forefront of translators’ minds when translating our tutorials. This may not mean perfection, but it does mean that a finished translation should be clear, flow naturally, use correct terminology and grammar, and be free of spelling mistakes.

Note: the Tuts+ tone is informal yet professional (many languages use a formal “you” which isn’t necessary here); friendly but not sloppy.

Machine Translation

The Native platform offers assistance in the form of machine translation, but this should only be used as an aid, never as a way of actually translating text. Machine translation has made huge advances in recent years, but it simply isn’t good enough, in any language, for our purposes. If it becomes clear that a translation has relied on machine translation we will remove it.

Removal From the Project

In cases where standards haven’t been met; either after repeated feedback, or where there’s conclusive evidence that translations are way below par, we reserve the right to remove individuals from the project. Where possible we will work with translators to improve the standard of their submissions.