How To Sign Up

In 2014 we asked our community to volunteer their time and help us translate some of our content. Several years on and thousands of translations later, the project has grown to the point that we now offer payment in return for translation.

To sign up, find a tutorial or article which you’d like to translate and click the Translate this post button in the sidebar. You’ll be redirected to Native, our partner platform which we use to make the translation process as easy as possible.

The first time you visit Native you’ll be asked to agree to the terms of the project, asked for your preferred languages, then prompted to enter some login details. With that completed, you’ll be taken to the translation interface where you can complete your translation.

Once finished, you’ll submit the translation, at which point it’s delivered to the editorial team for publication. Publication can sometimes take a week or so, depending on how many are in the queue for processing. Once published, you’ll be notified, and the corresponding fee will be added to your payment balance. See more on payments for further explanation of this.

Having signed up, each time you claim a translation in the future you’ll be taken directly to the translation interface without the need to enter your details again.