General Advice for a Great Tutorial

All tutorials are not created equal. We want to be publishing educational content that is easy to follow, engaging, and exciting. Here are some tips for how you can strive to do just that:

Consider a Problem and Solution

  1. Begin by determining the core problem you are addressing in this tutorial.
  2. Then consider what solution the reader will walk away with. Think about why this solution is compelling and interesting.
  3. Where possible, try to weigh the costs and benefits of different paths of action. Why would a reader want to do things one way rather than another?
  4. If it's a visual tutorial, think about the diversity of the end result your project works towards.

An Introduction and Conclusion

Include an introduction that explains what you're going to teach, and a conclusion that summarises what you've taught. Here are some tips on writing an effective conclusion:

  1. Review and recap: summarize the key steps, in cookbook fashion, point by point (a bullet or numbered list is fine).
  2. Summary of key concepts: what do you think the reader should take away from this lesson?
  3. Suggested next steps: in your view, what would be good way to keep working on the skills that you've introduced?
  4. Final thoughts: a chance to step back and put the lesson in context of the overall goals of the section (mastering photographic technology and technique, learning visual language, professional development, and so on)

Assumed Knowledge

  1. Try not to require too high a level of assumed knowledge (and avoid using phrases like "simply do this", or "obviously this will happen").
  2. If there is a level of assumed knowledge, try to be consistent throughout the tutorial.

Write for the Web

  1. Break instructions down into very simple steps.
  2. Use break points to make content easier to read and digest - headings, images, bullets, code, quotes etc.
  3. Keep sentences and paragraphs short, using plain language.
  4. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your industry.
  5. Carefully check and edit your work before submitting it to your editor. Simple mistakes have a serious impact on credibility, so pay particular attention to spelling and grammar, and familiarise yourself with our style guide.