The Tutorial Workflow in Trello

We use an application called Trello for tracking the "tutorial workflow" (how a tutorial moves from being just an idea, to being worked on by an instructor, submitted, and ultimately published). Trello is the perfect way to visually track that process, while allowing discussion along the way.

These two videos should introduce the concept, explain how it works, and give you an idea of why it's going to really make your life easier!


If you're new to the Tuts+ tutorial workflow, begin here. We'll walk through a conceptual overview of our system in Trello so you can learn the basics of moving a tutorial through the process.

From the Instructor Perspective

In this video, we take a look at the Tuts+ tutorial workflow from your perspective as an instructor. We'll show you how to submit tutorial ideas, claim content suggestions, and keep in touch with your editor through every step of the content creation process.

Additional Trello Tips

Want to become a real Trello pro? Check out our additional tips section, which is chock full of useful advice to help you become more productive. You'll learn how to manage notifications, sift through the clutter, use the calendar view and a lot more.