Video Tutorial Guide

Video tutorials created for our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel should be fast-paced, highly visual and fun. While quality teaching comes first and our Screencasting Guide and On-Camera Video Guide always hold, our YouTube videos can be creative and bold. This is a place where you can try new things!

Script with Visuals

Plan your video with eye-catching, colorful and interesting visuals in mind from the start. Think about what will be on-screen while writing your script. Then create or find visuals. These could be:

  • Inspiration images
  • Different versions of the final design
  • Stock images and videos from Envato Elements

Remember to consider permissions and licensing with all images, video and music.


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  • Eye-Catching Openings

    Grab the viewer’s attention in the first 10 seconds. Try opening on a beautiful graphic of the completed item with an interesting hook to grab the viewer’s attention. Be sure to introduce yourself and “Envato Tuts+” in your opening as well as saying your target keyword in the video.

    Be sure to alway reference our Screencasting Guide and On-Camera Video Guide as you prepare to record.

    Example Video Script

    Simplify What’s On-Screen

    Rather than screencasting your entire screen, try cropping into the design or work area. Only include toolbars and menus necessary for teaching purposes. Everything on-screen should serve a purpose. Rather than going to the Tuts+ wallpaper or a web browser when you don’t have accompanying visuals, try to fill with images related to the topic.

    Keep Your Energy Up

    Sound enthusiastic and engaged with your subject. Don’t fake it, tap into your real enthusiasm. Be yourself and don’t shy away from sharing your personality. Tip: Try recording with a smile on your face, it works.


    If you’d like to use music, please discuss it with your editor in advance. If you go ahead, be subtle with any background music, stings or added sounds. Always remember to consider permissions and licensing with all audio and music.


    Work with your editor to decide on one target keyword as well as a few additional keywords for your video. Be sure to say those keywords in the video. Video titles should be roughly five words and should include the target keyword.

    The video description is important. Here are the basic guidelines for writing a description:

    • Include your target keyword in the first 25 words.
    • Make the description at least 250 words.
    • Include your target keyword 2-4 times.
    • Include as many other keywords as possible.

    End with Subscribe Card

    All our YouTube videos end with a 20-second card on-screen asking viewers to subscribe to our channel. Please add this at the end of all videos before exporting. The end card can be downloaded here.