SEO at Tuts+

The vast majority of traffic that Tuts+ receives comes from Google or other search engines. Whether or not a post becomes a long-term success is almost entirely down to whether it ranks well for a particular keyword and receives search traffic.

Every post we publish receives an initial spike of traffic, but long-term search traffic is usually our aim.

With that in mind, for every post, you and your editor should be discussing which keywords you want a post to rank for and figuring out how you're going to optimise for them. Get this right consistently, and you'll see traffic to your content growing over time, and you'll be boosting your profile as an instructor.

We're not trying to game the system, create irrelevant content, or manipulate Google. We're aiming to create content that our readers would find valuable (content that is based on what they're searching for, after all!), and ensure we craft it in a way that helps them to discover it.

We've made a helpful checklist to follow. You might not always need to do everything on this list, but it's something that you'll be discussing with your editor as you work on a post: